My basic approach to genealogy research is this:

  1. Draw a family tree by hand in Inkscape.
  2. Have a section for each person in a LaTeX-formatted document hosted on GitHub.
  3. Add all source material either to Flickr or to Wikimedia Commons and Wikisource (if it's textual), unless it's already stored online somewhere reliable).
  4. Use standard citation tools (i.e. thebibliography) to cite that source material.
  5. Add information on notable topics to Wikipedia (with citations, of course).
  6. Print and bind (or frame) the research to give to multiple family members, so they can stick it in a drawer, forget about it, and thus perhaps help it be of use to some random people far in the future...

I follow this approach for the two main projects I'm currently working on: the C.F. Barker Archives, and the H.M. Wilson Archives.