Sam Wilson (this is my website)

About me

Hello world. I do things. This is my website, where I explain a bit of what I do; mostly it's just links to elsewhere.

I'm a computer programmer by trade, working for the Wikimedia Foundation. Sometimes I find time to build bits of wooden furniture by hand. I also like mapping.


You can email me at, or find me (most days) on IRC in #wikisource on Freenode.

I use Fastmail for email, and think it's pretty cool. If you want 10% off, here's a referral link. They're a good, open, honest (and even Australian) company.

ORCID 0000-0003-4308-3443

I'm also on Twitter as @samwilson


My family history research is slowly being collated in the following two places, according to my system of genealogical record-keeping.

C.F. Barker Archives

H.M. Wilson Archives


I've been contributing to OpenStreetMap since 29 April 2008; my username is Sam Wilson. I occasionally add an entry to my mapping diary. I'm currently living somewhere here:


I read mainly on my Kobo ereader. Wikisource is my library of choice, because I can fix problems when I find them and add new books as well.


All of my public code is on GitHub (as well as this website itself). I try to add what I can to Stackoverflow, Wikibooks, and other collaborative learning/teaching websites. Apart from that, I dip my toes into a bunch of different open source projects.

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I work for the Wikimedia Foundation as a Software Engineer on the Community Tech team.

I'm currently working on these things on Phabricator and these things on Github.


Flickr badge and I create annual hard-bound photo albums using flickr-latex. I backup (and bulk-upload) my photos with TheFox/flickr-cli. Here are ten random photos from my photostream: